Submission of abstracts

Call for individual papers

The theme of the conference is “Safe societies - coping with complexity and major risk”, concerns challenges related to our society’s vulnerability to major risk of natural and industrial disasters, malicious attacks, financial breakdowns, and epidemic diseases.

Authors are invited to submit abstracts on topics related to the conference theme, including, for instance:

  • Risk analysis and assessment of natural and technological hazards, health and security threats
  • Risk communication and stakeholder involvement on major risk issues
  • Safety management and regulation of major risks
  • Organizational coping with major risk
  • Societal safety, civil protection, and emergency preparedness
  • Understanding and identifying complexity in society
  • Vulnerability and resilience in complex systems and societies
  • Decision making in face of complexity
  • Uncertainty and precaution in risk governance
  • The role of insurance in major accident prevention
  • Anticipating and monitoring the risk of extreme outcomes
  • Learning from major events
  • Acceptance of major risk
  • Risk monitoring and indicators
  • Risk perception of catastrophic events
  • Relations between risk, safety, acceptability, and trust

Abstracts may be presented orally or in a poster session. Authors are furthermore invited to submit full-length papers which will be assessed for publication in a special issue of Journal of Risk Research (optional). The submission of a full paper is optional; it is possible to present an abstract without writing a full paper.

Abstracts should not exceed 400 words.

The deadline for submission of abstracts is 15 February 2013.


Call for Symposia

Initiatives to organize special symposia related to the conference themes are particularly welcomed.

A symposium is a conference session composed by 3 to 6 presentations/abstracts on a common topic. Symposium proposals must be submitted to the organizing committee ( by 15th of February 2013.

The symposium proposal must contain:

  1. Title of symposium;
  2. Name of person (and his/her email address) responsible for planning and arranging the symposium;
  3. Short description of the topic and contents of the symposium (max 200 words);
  4. List of the presentations in the symposium (title of abstract and author names).

Please notice that each abstract in the proposed symposium need to be submitted individually at the conference abstract submission system (see below). Symposium organizers and presenters must pay participation fee similar to other conference participants.

The deadline for submission of symposia abstracts is 15 February 2013.


Author registration deadline

Submitting your abstract does not mean that you are registered for the conference. The organizers require the commitment of one of the authors to register for and attend the conference to present the paper. If none of the authors of an abstract have registered for the conference by 17th of May 2013, the presentation will be removed from the conference program.


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