Student Scholarships 2013 awarded

We are pleased to announce two winners of an SRA-Europe Conference Scholarship 2013. Trondheim Conference Studentship Scholarships (each worth €500) have been awarded to: 

  • Marijke Hermans Department of Technology and Society Studies, Maastricht University, Netherlands

    Marijke received her award for the presentation:

    M. Hermans: 
    The struggle for knowledge: The dynamics of citizen engagement in mobile phone mast siting controversies


  • Eva Lermer, Department of Psychology, Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, Germany

    Eva's award winning presentation was:

    Lermer, E., Streicher, B., Sachs, R., Raue, M., & Frey, D.:
    Risks are more likely when thinking concrete – The effect of construal level on risk estimates

The recipients received their awards, each worth € 500, during the first General Assembly meeting of SRA-Europe at the Annual Meeting in Trondheim, out of the hands of SRA-Europe’s president Margôt Kuttschreuter.

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