4th SRA-E Nordic meeting 2018 Stavanger, Norway

The 3rd meeting of the SRA-E Nordic Chapter "Exploring the risk, safety, security and resilience nexus" will be held November 8-9, 2018 in Stavanger, Norway. 

Download book of abstracts HERE and entire programme HERE


Risk, safety, security and resilience analysis and management are founded on similar ideas and perspectives: avoiding or reducing the negative consequences of hazardous events and threats, exploring system weaknesses, and identifying policies and actions to mitigate or resolve such weaknesses. 

However, current research and practices in these areas are to a large extent disconnected and rooted in separated ‘schools’, providing guidance in different directions. For instance, many researchers, practitioners and organisations have called for a shift from risk to resilience.

In what ways, however, may risk and resilience represent conflicting perspectives? Or could it be argued that resilience analysis is a main strategy within risk management? Efforts have been made to develop more unified approaches and methods, but how best to proceed to change the current situation?

The conference theme addresses the risk, safety, security and resilience nexus. We seek contributions that can provide new insights on this topic, in particular theories, principles, approaches and methods that can enhance the development of more integrated perspectives.

The 4th SRA Nordic Chapter conference aims to explore the status quo and the future directions of risk research. The conference wishes to harness its broad, interdisciplinary expertise by gathering researchers from academic institutions and practitioners from the risk, safety, security and resilience communities. We intend to build networks and discuss the most pressing issues within this area of research. The conference gathers academics, policy makers, and other professionals interested in risk research, policy, and practice.

The conference is organised in collaboration with ESRA Norway.

More information on the conference webpage


We are pleased to announce that all participants at this conference will automatically become members of SRA worldwide and SRA Europe!


Keynote speakers

  • Erik Hollnagel  

  • Seth Guikema

  • Karen Lund Petersen

  • Frederic E. Bouder

  • Genserik Reniers 

  • Odd Einar Olsen

  • Per Brekke

  • Terje Aven (roundtable)