1st SRA-E Nordic meeting 2015 Lund, Sweden

The 1st Nordic chapter risk conference "The Future of Risk Analysis in the Nordic Countries" was held November 16-17th in Lund, Sweden .

Visit the conference webpage here: https://www.lucram.lu.se/event/nordic-chapter-risk-conference

This conference was the first event arranged by the Nordic Chapter of SRA Europe (www.sraeurope.org) that was founded in June 2015. The intention was to create opportunities for outstanding risk research and to strengthen both risk-informed policy making and risk research in Northern Europe. 

The conference was grounded on the idea that risk is not static and there are multiple ways to deal with and perceive risks. The countries in Northern Europe have been shown to share similar definitions, legislation and challenges with respect to dealing with risks. The Nordic region is here defined as Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.  


Sessions with oral presentations covered the following topics: 

• Risk and responsibility

• Framing risk

• Risk perception

• Quantifying risk and uncertainty

• Critical infrastructure protection

• Improved response, recovery and safety

• Managing evidence

• Complex risk governance

• Improving risk management by learning

• Climate change adaptation

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