SRA-E 2021 Keynote speakers

The following speakers have agreed to give a keynote:

  • Peter Ayton (Dept of Psychology, City University of London) 
    Title: Undesirable psychological influences on understanding

  • Tim Bedford  (Dept of Management Science, University of Strathclyde)
    Title: Probabilistic Dependence in Risk Analysis: Modelling and Assessment

  • Gudela Grote (Dept of Management, Technology and Economics, ETH Zürich) 
    Title: forthcoming

  • Sven Ove Hansson (Dept of Philosophy and History, Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm) 
    Title: The Science and Ethics of Risk

  • Jaana Husu-Kallio (Chief Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry) 
    Title: forthcoming

  • Joanna Linnerooth-Bayer (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Austria, IIASA
    Title: Insurance as an equitable response to loss and damage from climate change?

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